Learn Photography the Better Way, From a Dad Who Learned it the Hard Way!

Need help taking better pictures of your family?

If you're struggling with your photography, I want to simplify the journey for you.



  • Technology Made Easy.

    Let's make using your camera completley intuitive. Pick it up and take beautiful pictures, without being stumped by all the buttons and menus. Most of the buttons aren't needed anyway.

  • Creativity Made Possible.

    Are you left brained? No natural talent for being creative? Doesn't matter. There are building blocks. You start simple, and then you grow. Before you know it, friends will be saying 'wow, you're so creative!'

  • A Beautiful Home.

    You'll use your camera to make wonderful pictures. And your photography skills will help you become a better parent too. A new way of seeing your family will open. And a new way of responding and showing love.

  • A Rich History.

    As you document your family life, you'll be creating a rich family history to pass to your children. One day, they'll hold it close to their hearts as one of the priceless gifts you've given them.

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  • Mat, Dad vs Camera
    5 years ago I started with a Canon camera that I didn't know how to use. Good photos, the rare time I got a good photo, were just a fluke. I had no idea what I was doing. Now, with the help of many people, I run a family photography business and spend a lot of time photographing my family life. Good photos aren't just a fluke anymore! Join me, and I'll show you the path to great and satisfying family photography!
    Mat, Dad vs Camera

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